How to lose 10 kg in a month without harm to health

How to lose 10 kg in a month without harm to health, is it possible? Of course, it is possible, but at the same time, you need to completely rethink your diet, introduce sports into your daily life and, of course, do not forget about the right habits inwhen eating. Many modern nutritionists offer quick results, but the truth is that the faster you lose excess weight, the quicker you will get back in shape. So, if your goal and dream is to lose weight without harming your health, then we will help you with some useful tips, and you will surely achieve the desired results.

How to lose weight without harming your health

Today, you can come across many different diets that promise great results. For example, on social networks, they offer a wonderful way to lose weight 10 kg in a few weeks and sometimes in just a week. But not everyone fully understands the essence of the diet, because such weight loss requires compliance with extreme conditions, which can then have an adverse effect on your health and weight. increase after the job is done. In reality, it is necessary to strive so that the weight loss process brings less anxiety and worry and the whole process goes on in the usual way. And most importantly, it doesn't have to harm your health in any way. If you simply reduce the number of calories in your diet, then in addition to losing 10 kg, there is also a risk of general deterioration in health. To do this, you need to learn to follow simple rules that include an integrated approach to consistent weight loss.

measure waist circumference when losing weight 10 kg per month

Weight loss rules

  1. First, you need to remove foods such as yeast products (bread, cakes) from your menu. They can be replaced with bread (a dietary product) or pita bread.
  2. Prioritize vegetables, they are rich in fiber and at the same time will help you overcome frequent hunger. Try to eat them in the first half of the day, but cabbage can be eaten all day.
  3. Breakfast should be hearty, but forget about a hearty dinner. The ideal breakfast is one that includes about 30% of your calories for the day. For dinner, you need to eat full, light and do it no later than 4-5 hours before going to bed.
  4. Make sure to include lean meats in your diet, such as chicken breast or lean beef. Also don't forget cheese, eggs and fish. After all, these products contain the protein your body needs. Meat dishes are best steamed or oven-baked.
  5. It is also necessary to leave an advantage for products (pasta, various grains), including durum wheat.
  6. Start keeping a journal of your weight and calories eaten. Furthermore, try to reduce the amount. An important role here is played by the fact that you are monitoring all of this and taking direct control.
  7. For best results, connect with an activity like running or cycling. At the same time, the training session should last at least 40 minutes, which is beneficial for your body.
  8. Another important rule is not to let yourself go hungry. After all, hunger is an evil opponent of weight loss and is harmful to health. Constantly wanting to eat will only lead to disorders of the nutritional system, poor health and depression. Arrange snacks: apple, dried fruit, fat-free kefir, yogurt.
  9. And the most important thing to note is that 80 percent of your calories should be eaten before 6 p. m. Of course, you can eat after 6 hours, but these are snacks. And remember that you need to eat in small portions so that excess calories do not accumulate in the body as stored fat.
a girl who eats fruit loses weight 10 kg per month

Bad habits prevent you from losing weight

  1. Small amount of liquid inlet. Every day a person needs to drink an average of 2 liters of water, those who want to lose weight need to drink more. Water helps to remove harmful toxins from the body, so without the necessary amount of water it is impossible to lose weight, especially for those who want to lose weight in a month without harm.
  2. Dinner overnight. The last meal must be taken by 6 pm. If you suddenly feel hungry, eat fruit or enjoy green tea.
  3. Wrong product combination. You can't combine carbohydrates with fat, which certainly won't make you lose weight. For example, it's like if you eat pasta and potatoes with fatty cuts of meat.
  4. Sleeping late. Between 9 p. m. and 2 a. m. , a person's body produces a hormone (somonotropic). This hormone is responsible for the breakdown of fats. Therefore, when we sleep, we do not feel hungry at this time. On this basis, if you go to bed late, you are deficient in this hormone, which is essential in weight loss.
breakfast during weight loss every month 10 kg

Proper nutrition for weight loss

To get rid of extra pounds, you need to consider the basics of a healthy diet. A person who wants to lose weight should include fresh vegetables in their diet, they can also be steamed (potatoes are an exception). Use fruits, juices from them (except grapes, bananas). It is helpful to eat eggs, low-fat dairy products (cheese, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese). And whole grain and whole grain breads (except semolina). If your goal is a slim body, then you need to exclude the following products: bakery products (cakes, sweets), fried and smoked meats, various condiments, beverages withalcohol and of course salt.

Exercise to lose weight

If you do not add physical activity to your rhythm, it is not possible to lose 10 kg in a month. For example, you might go to the gym two or three times a week for 2-3 hours. In case you do not have time to visit the hall, you can first refuse the elevator, instead of transportation, walk. Don't forget to exercise in the morning and evening. The combination of these measures will allow you to burn about 500-550 excess calories in a day.

Before deciding to lose 10 kg in 1 month, you need to take into account all the contraindications so as not to harm your own health. For example, any sudden change in diet is prohibited for people with gastrointestinal disorders. In addition, you cannot increase physical activity for people with various cardiovascular diseases. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you absolutely must not lose weight.

How to lose weight effectively

Losing weight quickly is very difficult. Many people set a goal to lose weight in a month, but in the end they give up. Those who want to fight the weight should be guided by certain tips. It is true that they say that people can lose 5-10 kg in a few days, but directly in a week or a little more. To date, on social networks there are many documents on this topic, which give shocking numbers, how people lose weight without harming their health at home. Maybe have some useful information for us? We dream of losing 2, 4, 5 or at most 10 kg in a short time. And there are women who just want to lose a few pounds, to find the body they want. So it's all real at home.

healthy and unhealthy foods to lose 10 kg in a month

We know that for many of us, the main source of excess weight is in the abdominal area. It turns out that you can safely lose weight using special baths, as they quickly speed up the metabolism. If at the same time you replenish the load in the form of visiting a gym, the effect will not keep you waiting for long. After a few days, you will be amazed at the results and the feeling of lightness in your body. As for the weight loss itself, it's better to start the process with fasting days - experts in the field of nutrition say. Starting with at least a few days of fasting, while eating a variety of foods, you will feel comfortable losing extra pounds without problems and without harm to your health. The most important effect of weight loss is that you need to lose weight slowly. Average about 1 kg per week, 3-4 kg per month. It all depends on you, if you aim to look slim and young at the same time, then everything will be fine. Give up on rigid diets and special pills. And the elderly and those who are overweight should consult experts in this regard.

Fat burners for weight loss

You must have heard about weight loss pills. So these substances are called fat burners.

Calorie diet for weight loss

If you have clearly set a goal of losing 10 kg per month without harm to your health, then you need to follow the weight loss guidelines. It's best to explain things in an easy to understand and accessible language. For example, you have a bank account with a certain amount of money. So the score will be equivalent to the number of calories in your body. Food is money. Withdrawal from the account is to spend calories through running, exercising, as well as working out regularly. If you put a lot in the account and at the same time not withdraw enough, the amount will constantly increase, and a new fat fold will form in the abdomen, hips, etc. v. Otherwise, on the contrary, withdrawal is weight loss.

3 ways to lose 10 kg in 1 month

  1. Bring sport into your measurable lifestyle and do it for 2-3 hours a day, while such a guide will have results. You can lose weight in a month without changing your diet. But do more harm to their own health than good.
  2. Put yourself on a strict diet without changing your lifestyle. For breakfast, cabbage, lunch and dinner too, only cabbage. And soon you will be very slim. But even here there are more drawbacks than pluses.
  3. Learn how to combine proper nutrition and exercise. Reduce the calorie count of unhealthy fatty foods without harming your health. Exercise or start the morning with a regular walk. Cycling in the evening. In my opinion, such weight loss guidelines are the safest for your own health.

Simple calorie counting arithmetic

Therefore, in the West, some experts in the field of nutrition claim that 1 kg of body weight equals 7700 calories. On this basis, to lose weight 10 kg in a month without harm, you need to burn about 17 thousand calories in a week. This will equate to 2-3 kg of excess weight. For example, a girl who weighs 70 kg and is physically active can consume 2200 calories per day. To lose 10 kg, she needs to eat 2100 calories, but this process will take more than a month. To get rid of the above situation, you just need to add physical activity. After all, if you reduce the calorie content of your diet, then the body will not receive the necessary vitamins and this will lead to poor health. Therefore, lose weight slowly, without harming yourself.